10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Give to Your Love This Year

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Give to Your Love This Year

Valentine’s Day can often feel like a high-pressure gifting holiday, but the thought behind the gift might actually matter more than the gift itself. With this festive holiday just around the corner, I pulled together some thoughtful gift ideas I love. Some only require a quick online purchase and others call for a bit more planning.

Whether you want to make a grand gesture for a great love or get a small gift for someone new in your life, here are ten Valentine’s Day gift ideas that fit the bill.

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas I Love


For someone whose love language is physical touch, the gift of a great candle and massage oil combo will be a winner. This is one of Dame’s most popular products that both sets the mood and the tone for moments of connection. 

2. An Alone Time Kit

Is their love language quality time… alone? An “alone time kit” is the gift for them. Pull together a basket of things they enjoy doing in solitude. Some ideas: bath products from Detox Market, our Note to Self journal, a really great pen, a skincare device, a robe, and a list of their favorite movies or that new book they’ve been wanting to read. 

3. Play Hookie

Pick a day you’ll both take off work and plan how you’ll spend it. Perhaps it’s an early lunch followed by an afternoon movie. Or maybe it’s a few hours together at the rock climbing gym followed by happy hour at a brewery. Get specific and map out all the details. 

Starting at $80

Flamingo Estate is a lovely brand that has incredible gift sets. Get this one if they love cooking or this one if they’re craving springtime during the long winter months.

5. The Gift of Travel

Consider this the “grand gesture gift.” Book flights and a few nights in a hotel somewhere they’ve always talked about going. If leaving town isn’t an option, opt for a staycation at a beautifully designed hotel with a great spa in your city.

$38 currently on sale for $32

This custom recipe journal will help them keep track of their favorite creations now—and hopefully they can pass it on to someone else decades later. 

7. Something They’ve Always Wanted to Try

Doing something new, even if it is fun, can take a little encouragement from others. Show your support by scheduling your love a cooking class, setting up a tennis lesson, or getting them those weekend writing retreat tickets they were wavering on buying.

8. Cashmere Apparel From Quince

Starting at $30

At these prices, you could wrap your lover entirely in cashmere. For the ultimate cozy gift, get them the full-zip cashmere hoodie, cashmere sweatpants, a cashmere beanie, and cashmere socks

9. Something on Their Wish List

There is no shame in asking someone what they want! Ask for a small list of things they’ve been eyeing and pick one to buy for them. (Psst… I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while.)


If your partner’s having a tough week or month or start to the year, consider how you can show them you have their back. It could be as simple as writing a thoughtful message in a nice card. 

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